Carmody Groarke

Artist's Workshop

Carmody Groarke designed this new artist workshop for artist Antony Gormley within the yard of his existing studio in London. The workshop was consciously designed to be made predominantly out of galvanized steel, in order to withstand the industrial nature of the artist’s creative process.


The building structure was made of a galvanized steel mono-pitched frame that was clad in bespoke galvanized steel panels. Access into each bay is through mechanically operated galvanized steel roller shutter doors, which were carefully integrated into the design of the cladding and structure.

The cladding was designed to have no ‘visible fixings’ to emphasise the solidity of the new building and protect fixing points from weathering. Cladding panels around the columns were made from a single CR4 3mm mild steel sheet as a ‘net’ shape, which was then break pressed into its form and hot dip galvanized. All fixings were pre-drilled prior to galvanizing to retain the integrity of the process through assembly.

The use of galvanized steel as a cladding material was considered for its robust nature, its excellent durability as well as its aesthetic appearance. Considerable research and prototyping was undertaken to ensure that the process of hot dip galvanizing was controlled to achieve the desired accuracy of material junction and visual appearance. This yielded a design that maintains the protective qualities of the galvanizing to prolong the lifespan of the building and gives the building a reassuringly solid appearance.

Images © Oak Taylor-Smith