Denis Byrne Architects

Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Networks Ireland is located where fragmented urban development and infrastructure meets rural landscape. Strategically placed in direct proximity to the M50 motorway, the 5,200 m² building consolidates the Dublin operations of Gas Networks Ireland in one single location.

The new Network Services Centre is set in a reconditioned landscape reaffirming the rural settlement pattern of compound and landscape at the fringes of the city.

In the new building, a series of colour-themed courtyard gardens provide orientation and amenity spaces for the staff. A wooden boardwalk on the roof gives views to the surrounding area and a close experience of the green roof.

Denis Byrne Architects Gas Networks Ireland

Taking its inspiration from industrial and infrastructure buildings and combining it with a sophisticated office environment, the building forms a utilitarian landmark providing a common base for its diverse operational activities. Organised over two levels with sheltered gardens, office areas, an emergency control centre, training facilities and stores, the building enables a highly flexible and inter-departmental work environment.

A layer of perforated aluminium panels wraps the building and is held off the waterproofing membrane by a secondary system of galvanized steel supports and brackets. The tower element, containing plant and equipment, is constructed of galvanized structural steel and left unpainted.

The environmental strategy of its low energy design combines improved microclimate, landscape, water management and biodiversity with a compact, highly insulated building volume.

Images © Anthony Coleman, Paul Tierney

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