EllisMiller Architects

Catmose Campus

EllisMiller were commissioned by Rutland County Council, Catmose College and Galliford Try to design a multi-purpose education and community complex.

As the building forms an urban edge to the market town of Oakham, EllisMiller were anxious to create a visually attractive building that could act as a landmark while respecting the existing landscape.

A large monolithic building was therefore rejected in favour of four similarly scaled pavilions with a softer visual impact that also create vistas that make connections between the urban and rural landscapes.

Each pavilion in turn is broken down into smaller blocks to create transverse routes, and contains generous courtyard and atrium spaces to allow natural light to penetrate throughout the plan. The use of robust, low maintenance materials was central to the detailing strategy of this project.

EllisMiller selected galvanized steel for use externally, structurally and to provide architectural metal work. The structural steel element supports tensile roof covering and uses standard steel sections to provide perimeter support and gutter/rainwater collection. Elsewhere the central ‘X Factor’ staircase and associated balustrade is fabricated from galvanized steel.

Other innovative uses of galvanized steel are its use in conjunction with the cladding, where galvanized steel angles form the corner details. The use of galvanized steel in its various forms around the building are an essential part of the building aesthetic, as well as a key part of ensuring that the building is long life and low maintenance.

Images © Tim Soar

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