Gentle Collapsing - Alex Hartley

Hartley has constructed a modern ruin permanently sited in the rolling landscape of Kentucky in the convention of a picturesque folly. The galvanized steel sculpture is based on the iconic single-family dwelling exemplified through Californian modernism and John Entensa’s Case Study Programme. The sculpture’s state of entropy has been frozen, and stasis is held in a precarious state of equilibrium. Nature is being encouraged to slowly reclaim the structure.

The sculpture is a fully galvanized modernist ruin. It was fabricated and galvanized in London and permanently installed in a sculpture park in Kentucky USA . The ruin acts like a Victorian folly – creating views and shelter within the landscape. The architectural language of the ruin is taken from the single family mid-century modern dwellings of the USA – particularly those of the Californian Case Study programme.

© Edward Winters

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