Urban Village - Holder Mathias

Swansea Urban Village fully opened in April 2016. Initiated through a £25 million scheme to aid the regeneration, redesign and rebuilding of the High Street and Strand Row areas of Swansea, Urban Village is a vision of sustainable living and working – intimate, yet connected and cosmopolitan, strong on identity and character, but also contemporary.


With the development now complete, Urban Village continues to exemplify social, economic and physical regeneration in the area, drawing ever increasing levels of related activity to it, resulting in spill-overs which have already begun to fuel sustainable economic growth in this formerly deprived and neglected area of the city.


Galvanizing has been used extensively at Urban Village as a practical and decorative finish to a number of balconies, guardings and also to a feature bridge that gives access to a nearby renovated warehouse building. The bridge is clad in galvanized steel sheet that incorporates a pattern created from thousands of perforations that references the network of docks and wharves that used to occupy the adjoining area before they were buried.

Galvanizing was chosen as a practical and cost effective finish to give consistency to all of the decorative and structural metal-work within a new courtyard space. The galvanized finish contrasts perfectly with the individual forms and materials of the retained warehouse and the bold architectural approach.


Images © David Gallimore