Suffolk Energy from Waste Facility

Energy from Waste (EfW) and waste processing facilities are an essential part of the UK’s waste management strategy of reducing landfill, improving UK’s infrastructure, reducing impact on the environment and relieving the burden of landfill tax on the general public.

Suffolk EfW Facility designed by TSP, is a state of the art facility, taking 380,000 tonnes of household waste per year and producing 25MW of electricity. Designed to meet exceptionally high standards in all aspects from operation, performance and emissions, the building also provides facilities for the local community to enhance education and understanding of the role of waste management and EfW’s in the UK. CABE has praised the building for it’s sophisticated, elegant design, that fits into and enhances the existing surroundings.

The complex nature of the process and high degree of integration with the building structure dictated a BIM approach from tender design through to commissioning and operation.

Energy from Waste Plant - Waste to Energy Plant in Suffolk - TSP

The long design life and corrosive atmosphere within the plant dictated a corrosion protection system for the steel that would match these high demands. Additional issues of complex access areas and keeping down time to a minimum were important considerations within the decision making process.

Hot dip galvanizing was chosen to provide the required protection including that for the 38 m span trusses in the boiler hall.

Images © TSP

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