Thinking Space

Twin Peaks

This simple boathouse was designed to be tough but welcoming. The site is just to the east of Whitstable and very close to the shoreline. The building was designed to act as a boat store in the winter and a space to enjoy the ever changing sea and skyscape in the summer.

The design includes an open plan living area and two cleverly designed sleeping platforms in the roof pitches with views of the sea. In winter, storm swells can bring the water right up into the garden and the location of the building needs to stand up to the harsh environment. To appreciate the wonderful estuary views, virtually the entire sea facing façade is formed of sliding glass panels. Additional protection is provided to all the openings by the addition of articulated protective panels that winch down to form ramped decks, and up to protect the windows. The building itself is conceived as an almost primitive hut (after Laugier) with the structure clearly expressed internally and externally. Galvanizing was the natural choice for protecting all the steelwork. The clarity and materiality of the construction gives grain and interest to the spaces.

Images © Thinking Space