Playful landmark

Adventure Ball, inMotion Park, Bavaria

A large new ball made of timber and hot dip galvanized steel has become the centrepiece of the inMotion Park in Steinberg am See, Bavaria. Measuring 40 m by 50 m in height and diameter the structure has become a landmark visible from afar.

The lakeland setting offers visitors beautiful vistas across the largest lake in Eastern Bavaria with many of the traditional leisure facilities expected of such a location. The introduction of the adventure ball has helped to add a new recreational space for the park. The walkways, movement stations, play areas and a full length giant spiralling slide, provide playful training for coordination, concentration and balance.

Due to the different difficulty levels, it is an adventure playground for young and old. It has also become an innovative exhibition space. The hybrid construction consists of 627 m3 of wood and 200 t of steel. The railings alone add up to a length of 2,200 m. All steel components were made of S355 steel and hot dip galvanized. These include, but are not limited to, the support sub structure, handrailing, tie rod system, stiffening and connection components, and support and node elements.

In addition to durability and cost-effectiveness, there were also design reasons for using hot dip galvanizing. The natural changing aesthetic of the coating harmonises perfectly with the timber elements, both aging gracefully over time.

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Image: inMotion PARK Seenland GmbH

Posted on October 29, 2019 by Galvanizers Association

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