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Interactive RIBA-approved CPD

As a result of our initiative for galvanizing in sustainable construction we
have developed an online version of our CPDs, using the latest technology to
deliver the same high-quality presentations via the internet.
We have endeavoured to keep our online presentations as interactive as
receiving our normal ‘face-to-face’ presentations. I n order to organise
an online CPD with us, the only equipment that you would require is a
reasonable internet connection, the ability to project an image of your
computer screen onto a wall/screen and a webcam. We can take care of the
rest – visit


GAGA 2012 – Enter or join us on the day!

We’ve been recognising the use of galvanized steel in our annual awards since 1994 and the competition continues to grow year-on-year. New for 2012 is the International category for UK-based companies who have a project overseas. With five categories in which to enter, we are able to celebrate small works of art right through to large-scale, landscape-changing developments. Or just join us for lunch on the stunning terrace of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Park Lane, London on 27 June when we will be announcing the winners


Galvanized Blog!!!

Galvanized steel is all around us and plays a vital role in our everyday lives.
It is used in construction, transport, agriculture, power transmission and
everywhere that good corrosion protection and long life are essential.
So we thought it was time we started blogging to inform, advise and entertain
you from the world of galvanizing. You will be surprised at the breadth and
range of the articles coming your way. Join in @

Posted on March 15, 2012 by untitled

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