Capilano Cliffwalk, Canada

Galvanizing Delight

One of the most popular tourist attractions in British Columbia, the Cliffwalk at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is located only a few miles from the Pacific coastline. It dares visitors to tread out over the open canyon below and experience the breathtaking bird’s-eye view offered. The original bridge was constructed in 1889, spanning 137 m across and 70 m high. The new Cliffwalk path is just 50 cm wide, with only a galvanized steel frame and glass separating visitors from the expanse of empty air below. The cliffside location makes it difficult to maintain or repair as the arc hangs 90 m above the river below. A maintenance-free corrosion protection system was critical to protect the facility and avoid the dangerous and costly task of routine maintenance.


Architect: Morrison Hershfield Ltd

Image: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Posted on November 12, 2015 by untitled

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