Transparency over the city

Police Station in Madrid

The design for this new Police Station in Madrid has intentionally moved away from the traditional ethos of being a slightly detached, secure civic building. The building seeks to be transparent and inviting to the general public, with a new pedestrian area created at the entrance.

The designers have created an unusual form, adding a transparent layer to the facade. Seen from a distance, this gives the impression of a huge building but on closer inspection, the skin is nothing but a thin veil, the transparency of which allows the workers inside to have magnificent views over the city. Internally, the offices are inter-connected through a central atrium which stretches to the top of the building. Natural daylight transmitted through the skylights of the atrium creates a bright and inviting space on entry to the station. This, together with the use of glass in the working annexes, gives the whole of the interior the feeling of an honest, open approach compared to the traditional layout. Restricted staff areas are contained within the box-like structures which project out of the facade.

A galvanized steel frame supports anodized aluminium mesh panels. The addition of glass complements the steel and mesh and adds to the overall transparency. The three materials work well together in creating a modern, approachable building. Galvanized steel is also used within the walkways which navigate around the building and in the formation of the gabions that form the landscaped boundary to the building.

Architect: Pablo Rodriguez and Borja Lomas

Image: Pablo Rodriguez and Borja Lomas

Posted on December 30, 2013 by untitled

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