Integrated parking

Public Housing in Seville

When it comes to designing social housing, the areas that justifiably tend to receive the greatest attention are those based around the accommodation and communal space. Features such as parking facilities are usually overlooked and devoid of architectural inspiration.

However, this social housing project in Seville, Spain is an exception. A large ramp runs on either side of the central living quadrant to a parking area that forms part of the communal living block. This provides a daily movement of residents through the green, open space creating a much safer and pleasant, social route. The project has been designed to offer access to all the apartments from the south, via the living areas. The bedrooms face north in all cases, maximising the sun’s natural orientation. Vertical galvanized bars form balconies and also help to form a part-translucent screen that provides both security and a private space to some of the access areas.

Posted on January 3, 2014 by untitled

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