Image: Flummi, Hildenbrandt

118 years still standing

Restored hut, St. Otilien Station, Bavaria

galvanized-hut-postcardOn 30th June 1898, the Royal Bavarian State Railways commissioned the section of the Ammersee Railway from Mering to Schondorf along with the station in St. Ottilien. The station building was a small hot dip galvanized corrugated metal hut, which served as both ticket office and personnel room.

With the construction of a new station building in 1914, the corrugated metal hut became largely obsolete, but remained as an outbuilding on the station grounds. From 1925, it was abandoned, surrounded by undergrowth at the edge of a meadow, where it was used as a shelter for a petrol station until the 1980s.Bahnhof_St_Ottilien-300x225

In 2001, the hut was restored by the monks of St. Ottilien Archabbey. The restoration consisted mainly of cleaning the metal sheet and the hut is now reinstated at St. Ottilien train station, near the platform.

An inspection of the hut carried out by the Institut Feuerverzinken in 2016 after 118 years of service, showed that the vertical hot dip galvanized corrugated sheets were largely intact and exhibited only a small amount of corrosion. A zinc coating thickness of between 90 and 144 micrometres was measured and even the zinc spangle formation was still partially visible. Only the outer surface of the corrugated metal sheets forming the roof showed severe signs of corrosion.

Galvanizing Inspection

Image: Flummi, Hildenbrandt

Posted on June 1, 2016 by Galvanizers Association

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