Solar-powered terrace

Scharnhauser Sports Park

The terraces of the Scharnhauser Sports Park in Ostfildern follow the natural slope of the bank alongside the sports field. This helps the new structure to easily blend into the landscape. The design follows a simple pattern that offers an open view onto the football pitches being placed on a 3.2m high embankment and a closed façade to the rear of the building. Designed by Kaag + Black Architects in Stuttgart, the terrace structure offers changing facilities, toilets for visitors, storage and equipment rooms.



A glass canopy creates a connection between the internal and external environment offering protection from rain and snow and shades the sun’s glare from the flat sports field. The architects are avid football fans and wanted to show that their design can offer a sustainable way forward, claiming that the terrace provides a CO2 neutral impact. This has partly been achieved by the canopy structure providing a photovoltaic system, which compensates for the power consumption for the floodlights and a solar thermal system that is used to provide warm water for the wash rooms.

The façade and the roof of the structure are designed using slender steel sections that were galvanized to provide a long-term durable system. The prefabricated structure was assembled on-site and combines elegance, durability and longevity. The output of the photovoltaic solar panels provide enough power to make the terrace self-sufficient from an energy consumption point of view.

Architect: Kaag and Schwarz Architekten

Image: Kaag and Schwarz Architekten

Posted on December 7, 2012 by untitled

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