Innovative housing

Social Housing, Mostoles (Madrid)

The addition of new social housing for Mostoles, Spain has been designed as a focal point for a new urban development project. Situated in front of a main boulevard, the project needed to be a landmark for the area.


The building design aims to accommodate the unique characteristics of the plot and its topography, in addition to complying with the planning regulations of the local Urban Development Plan. This was the starting point for the solution adopted. The main concept was to exploit the space available for development in such a way that most of the housing units (107) would have different orientations, and avoid the appearance of an overly compact complex, given its large volume and height.

The first step was to place the main access routes within vertical columns running the full height of the building. These were placed along the interior of the plot, freeing up space to accommodate different external facades and enabling the creation of a central courtyard. By exploiting the overhang areas, which were allowed in bands of up to 10 meters, the architects were able to create an open interior. A network of galvanized staircases, landings and fire escapes are wrapped in a galvanized grill.

Burgundy coloured brick was used for the main envelope to the exterior. This repeats the vertical forms used for the internal face of the building. Long rectangular windows accentuate the rectilinear facade.

Galvanized steel was adopted as the best solution for the corrosion protection of steel used throughout the project.



Architect: Alberich Arquiectos

Image: conarquitectura

Posted on February 2, 2016 by untitled

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