Head above water

Marsh Road, Isle of Wight

At the confluence of a small river and the sea, within an area prone to flooding, Marsh Road is designed to be fully flood resilient and occupied during periodic tidal flooding of the whole site.
Planning permission was only granted as a replacement for the existing converted 1940s railway carriage which was recycled. The simple structure of the house encloses a 120 m2 area and sits on a raised platform almost two metres above the ground to allow for potential flooding, and conveniently provides for both boat and car storage.

steel-detailing-300x239The piling and ground beams support a series of ‘W’ galvanized steel frames on top of which a ply and timber frame 3 bedroom house is arranged on a strict 3-dimensional grid. Two parallel pitch roof gable end ‘sheds’ contain the living areas and bedroom/bathrooms respectively, whilst a galvanized steel watch tower houses utility and study.
Delicate galvanized steel detailing is evident throughout the project ranging from the railings that form the supports to the staircase leading to the ‘sheds’, the main staircase to the rear, and the railings that frame the decking. Superstructure build time was just four months.
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Architect: The Manser Practice

Image: Morley Von Sternberg

Posted on March 31, 2017 by Galvanizers Association

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