Keeping Munich moving

Technical Operations Centre

The newly opened Technical Operations Centre forms the municipal headquarters for the management of all logistical-based services required across the city of Munich and its surrounding areas. The centre combines administration alongside the engineering departments.


At the core of the new facility is the management of all traffic systems, civil engineering works and maintenance of heavy plant for the regional authority. Access to the centre is located in the southwest, with the traffic control centre, the central meeting rooms and cafeteria located in the south building. At the northern end lies the workshop areas and office units.

The employees in the technical operations centre ensure reliable operation of the technical facilities throughout the city. The necessary materials and spare parts including street lights, tunnel lights, traffic signals, mobile and fixed signage and parking meters are stored in a state-of-the-art warehouse. On-site workshops repair defective system components immediately to ensure safety on the streets of Munich. A 17metre-wide multimedia screen displays the current traffic in various locations around the city. The bringing together of the heterogeneous functions in one compact, clear structural shape conforms to the local planning regulations. The majority of the buildings are formed using a portal frame design with an external facade of hot dip galvanized expanded metal. Additional features such as escape balconies, external stairs and ramps are also skilfully integrated into the external volume of the structure.

Image: Auer + Weber, Munich

Posted on January 3, 2014 by untitled

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