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The Alchemy of Galvanizing

Our readers may be well aware of the versatility and adaptability of the galvanizing industry. We have featured over 200 projects in the recent past, just from the UK and Ireland, that detail both very large-scale infrastructure projects through to small, intricately designed details that are still important within the context of our built environment.



Our brand new book, The Alchemy of Galvanizing: Art, architecture and engineering, with an introduction by architect Will Alsop, celebrates the creative and technical contribution of galvanizing to contemporary art, architecture and engineering. A series of essays from construction industry professionals provides an insight to their experiences with the use of materials and their importance within today’s buildings. The book also provides some interesting facts: Brunel used 36,650m² of galvanized corrugated iron sheets that enclosed two thirds of the vaulted roof for Paddington Station in 1854, and Antony Gormley used 2,000 galvanized components to form his latest creation; Exposure.

So please do take the opportunity to buy a copy of what will be an entertaining and informative read. You can purchase copies at most online outlets. Further information is available at, or you can place orders at



Posted on April 4, 2014 by untitled

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