Galvanizing Delight

The Electric Nemeton

SJS completed a new installation for Granary Square, The Electric Nemeton, which draws on the origins of the Christmas tree tradition, referencing the forest groves that acted as gathering places in Celtic culture. Reimagined here with geometry, colour and light it becomes an abstracted forest grove.

Part tree, part spaceframe, it creates a space to walk through, a stage for social life and a sculptural object in Granary Square. It is formed by a series of modular tree-like pyramids held 4 m above the ground on metal column-trunks. SJS used a simple material palette: scaffold net, timber joists, galvanized steel, which expose the construction process while their layering creates something more magical.

Image: Jim Stephenson

Posted on December 21, 2021 by Galvanizers Association

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