Image: Jim Stephenson

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Thomas Randall- Page The Art Barn

The Art Barn has a simple pallet of materials, mostly natural and local, granite and untreated timber, but where lightness and slenderness is needed steel has been used and always with a galvanized finish. The project is unusual in that a great many of the details are designed from scratch for the project. From the huge steel and glass sliding doors to the articulated shutters, and right down to the door handles everything is simply comprised from steel sections at a local agricultural fabricators.

Being a retrofit of an agricultural barn, the design had to keep the link back to farms and their utilitarian equipment and hardware. Galvanizing provided that aesthetic link whilst also providing superior hard wearing and weathering longevity.

Galvanizing was used for a full set of new structural columns and column shoes to interface the existing timber frame with the new foundations and these are exposed along the south facade. Matching these, and below the datum of the timber cladding there is a galvanized splash, which expands into a wall of galvanized steel as the ground slopes away. Inside a series of galvanized details continue; a super-light space frame stair hooks on to the granite retaining wall, a slim balustrade rests under its own weight on a single plate steel leg, and a grillage walkway descends into stairs hung from a structural handrail.

Art Barn by Thomas Randall-Page. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2020

The unusual thermal strategy of the building allowed the use of single glazing on super fine steel frames to keep the weather and wind from the unheated main volume. Inside, to keep the “Winter Studio” warm, double glazed units are held simply at each corner by galvanized brackets like the clips of a picture frame.

Photo © Jim Stephenson

Image: Jim Stephenson

Posted on November 17, 2022 by Galvanizers Association

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