Inside issue 4-2020:

  • A canopy of locally manufactured woven willow hurdles.
  • A hunting lodge that houses vehicles and offers a luxury living area in Scotland.
  • Entrance canopies to Luton Airport.
  • A crystalline lattice and two combined buildings in Czech Republic.
  • A stripped down, comfortable living space in Germany.
  • The educational cube in Belgium.
  • A bridge in an area with substandard road conditions in India.
  • A temporary pavilion, the centrepiece for Clerkenwell Design Week.
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Editorial: The past year has tested all of us in many different ways. None of us could have foreseen the changes to our everyday lives that has recently occurred.

As I write this piece lockdowns continue but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe what the past year has shown is the importance of the smaller things and the that of giving each other more time. Maybe a more considered approach is required for what and how we build and how our spaces are used.

GA have used the time this year to work on a new sustainability guide, with European colleagues, that we will be launching soon. The focus of this will be to design and build for the longer-term but also allow for; either a change of use, to deconstruct and rebuild or reuse within a newbuild.

Our recent shared experience and lessons learnt can hopefully be used to benefit future generations with the creation of a more considered built environment that all can share.

Be Well

‘Be Well’ was a temporary pavilion selected as the centrepiece for Clerkenwell Design Week 2019. Envisaged as a platform to showcase the inherent performance and aesthetic qualities of galvanized steel via an experimental composition of utilitarian building products and curated…

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Haus D // 6, Germany

Aretz Dürr Architektur have won a long list of architectural awards including ‘House of the Year’ 2020 for their low-cost, sustainably designed, single storey family house. Sitting lightly within its surrounding landscape, the house provides a stripped down, comfortable living…

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Kedarnath Pilgrimage Bridge, India

A major cloudburst in 2013 and a second flood in 2015 washed away a large part of the valley of Kedarnath, centred on the north Indian State of Uttarakhand, causing major loss of life and destruction to property. An important…

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Melopee School, Belgium

The Melopee city building contributes to the revitalisation of the old port area of the Belgian city of Ghent. The educational cube designed by Xaveer De Geyter Architects (XDGA) in Brussels is characterised by its openness and accessibility. XDGA were…

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