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Hengrove Park Leisure Centre

The state-of-the-art pool and leisure centre opened its doors on February 29th, 2012 at 5.30am, ready to showcase the region’s newest and most spectacular, multi-million pound leisure facility. Boasting a 10 lane, 50-metre Olympic-standard pool with a teaching pool and movable floor, the new pool offers swimmers the very best in public facilities.

Hengrove Park Leisure Centre Swimming Pool, Bristol - Kier Construction

The pool has a structural steel frame with the roof supported on cell form beams spanning 37.5 metres.  The elevated “bubble effect” feature roof over the main pool hall was also supported on curved galvanised universal beams set out to exacting tolerances, forming an impressive feature above the swimmers.

The Authority requirements called for the main structure to have a guaranteed life of 60 years with minimal maintenance; with the corrosive chlorine atmosphere of the pool halls, this posed a challenge to the designers.

Hengrove is the first centre in the UK with a 50m swimming pool to achieve a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating.

Traditional painting methods, utilising Chlorinated Rubber Paint, were quickly discounted due to the maintenance regime and lack of access over the pools in the future. The benefits of a factory applied, robust, homogenous finish led to a hot dipped galvanized protection system being selected which met all of the criteria and best practice available.

The galvanized Westok beams spanning the main pool hall and viewing gallery are visible through the acoustic ceiling and add an interesting feature to the architectural merits of the building.

Structural Engineers for the project, Ramboll, researched the benefits of using galvanizing on a wider front.  The sustainability benefits gained by using galvanizing over other methods were quickly realised by other members of the project team and embraced with enthusiasm.  In fact Hengrove is the first centre in the UK with a 50m swimming pool to achieve a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating.

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