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Peacehaven Wastewater Treatment Works

Situated at Lower Hoddern Farm in Peacehaven, the Wastewater Treatment Works is a necessary and integral element of Southern Water’s £300M environmental improvement scheme. The overall project includes 11km of tunnels to transfer waste water to the Wastewater Treatment Works and then cleaned waste water from the new works to a new 2.5km long sea outfall pipe off Friars Bay.

Approximately the size of three football pitches, the complete structure is covered by a parabolic roof that rises to a maximum height of 18m and dips down to a height of 14m.

All of the structures consist of complex curved and domed roofs forming parabolas with curved side walls and bull nose details. Covered in sedum, the roof blends into the South Downs, and forms the largest green roof in Britain. The large steel structure is divided into two parts by a movement joint located along a steel covered canopy that connects the Sludge Recycling Centre to the larger Pre-Treatment Building part of the structure, an area which sits over the facility’s deep shafts.

Peacehaven Wastewater Treatment Works - Bourne Construction Engineering

Each part of the structure is different because of the various functions which will take place and the various plant equipment installed. Because of this, there has been little or no repetition in the steelwork. An exception to this is the structure’s bracing system for stability which is the same in both parts of the building and is derived from cross bracing located in all grid lines and elevations. The curvature of the roof makes the structure pull in one direction, so the bracing had to be very robust to resist the thrust from the roof.

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